What work has already been completed?

In 2009, the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD), Desert Water Agency (DWA), and Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) began development of the 2013 Mission Creek/Garnet Hill Water Management Plan to address groundwater sustainability in the Subbasin. In 2016, the SGMA Alternative Groundwater Sustainability Plan Bridge Document for the Mission Creek Subbasin was prepared by the Management Committee to demonstrate that the MC/GH WMP was functionally equivalent to a GSP. Annual reports describing changes in water supply and demand and updates to management actions, as required under Section 356.2 of the GSP Emergency Regulations, are submitted to DWR. The Mission Creek Subbasin Annual Report for Water Year 2018-2019, the third annual report for the Mission Creek Subbasin, is available online at https://sgma.water.ca.gov/portal/alternative/print/24.

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